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The key in the lock

Anyone can buy the equipment but your edge depends on your decisions. Our products integrate process, people, and operations with a link to your stakeholders.



Incremental, sustainable movement to perfection that avoids a perception of change.


Learn the relevant and achievable steer figures from inside your processes, operations.


Act Implement a sensor network inside your process infrastructure, parallel to your present infrastructure.


Optimize Business Intelligence to visualize trends by quantitative key performance indicators.

For who

  • Medium to large industrial parties
  • Process industry
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Metals and surface treatment
  • Manufacturing & sales of alternative energy production (PV, wind, biomass, energy storage, genset)


The ambition, willingness and commitment of your employees are on the basis of your edge. The steer figures uniquely support the effectiveness of employees’ actions.



Figures do support decisions regarding investment and management. Critical success factors are taylored to each individual business.


  1. We help minimizing expenses in FTE, energy and also in maintenance.
  2. We provide smart KPI's to improve from inside processes and operations.
  3. We help you in determining the marginal contribution of products to the operating result.
  4. We enable reducing energy intensities of products and process and gneral energy efficiency.
  5. What we do fits ISO-certifying and environmental compliance programs.

What to expect?

Our products are compatibe with the frameworks of Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen

JHP International

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