JHP develops and sells BI products that uniquely support management of processes and operations and for your company.


Our platform gathers and analyzes real time data to produce actionable key performance indicators These allow minimizing expenses and optimizing revenue in a structured and transparent fashion.


We support you with planning your capital investments and allow you to track the return on investment. For example investment in a new production line or in efficiency measures can be planned and subsequently monitored for performance.

Invest in alternative energy supply

SMTM Determine your investment level and track return on investment from photovoltaic or another type of energy sourcing.

Our product uses actual data to determine the optimal investment in alternative supply, applicable to your personal situation. No scenario's, your estimate is based on all relevant parameters and your actual energy use data.

JHP International

Business Intelligence for industry

Products for industry to deliver a lasting impact on bottom-line result.


The key in the lock

A versatile platform for collecting, analysis, reporting and protecting data from inside your processes and assets. Correct steer figures are the key in the lock.

Financial result for industry


PETM Provide insight in the operational efficiency. It delivers practical steer figures to optimize your operational as continuous improvement. PETM lifts the effectiveness of people in processes to a higher level.

Utility accounts portfolio

IVUTM Quantify and improve the demand predictability of your portfolio. How? We let your accounts improve their demand predictability while improving their operational result. Simple, safe and reliable.

Remote Diagnostics

RDTM Designed to mitigate the risk of unplanned equipment maintenance. Remotely accessible, simple and reliable.


Combined backgrounds include finance, the oil & gas industry, affinity with legal matters (commercial contracts to preparing for litigation). We take management consulting assignments.

Electricity Grid Operations

EGapTM Insight in capacities in the energy grid. Our product runs parallel to existing infrastructure and the information is remotely accessible through secured communication lines. The system mitigates default risk by transport and supply limitations and reduces imbalance risk.

Pipeline integrity

PIMTM Reliable, easy to understand Pipeline Integrity Management product for gas treatment, transit and distribution systems. Track record of reliability with more than 100.000 similar products installed.

The product delivers transparent and actionable figures including alarms and graphical representations for natural gas facilities, delivered to your screen, email and/or PDA, in the language of your choice.

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